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  1. Set the Bet Selection to the amount you wish to wager, either $5.20, $52, $104, $156, $260 or $520.
  2. Click Deal.
  3. Follow the Rules of Play to move cards to the Suit Stacks in the upper right-hand corner. Tip: Start by moving any Aces to the Suit Stacks and consolidating Column Stacks to reveal as many face-down Column cards as possible before drawing cards out of the stock.
  4. When you have moved all 52 cards to the Suit Stacks or can’t make any more moves, click End Game to collect your winnings and clear the board for another round.

Winnings are paid for each card you place in the Suit Stacks – depending on the amount of your bet, as shown in the following table:

Selection Bet Amount Win Rate
(Amount Paid Per Card in Suit Stacks)
Maximum Win
1 $5.20 $0.50 $26
2 $52 $5 $260
3 $104 $10 $520
4 $156 $15 $780
5 $260 $25 $1300
6 $520 $50 $2600

The more you bet, the more you can win!

Game Controls

Bet Selection. Clicking a Bet Selection button sets the amount of your bet for each game of Casino Solitaire. Selected button is highlighted to indicate current bet amount. You can change the bet amount prior to the start of a game.

Win Rate. Indicates the rate at which player will win money for each card put up in the Suit Stacks. The Win Rate is determined by the Bet Selector setting.

Win Meter. Indicates the amount of money won by the player so far in the current game. The Win Meter value equals the number of cards in the Suit Stacks times the Win Rate.

Deal. Starts a new game by dealing out a new hand. Player may then begin play by moving or revealing cards.

End Game. Stops play of the game and pays out any winnings (as indicated by the Win Meter) to player’s account balance. No more moves can be made after End Game is clicked.

Undo. Allows player to undo last move, if permitted. Undo is disabled when an undo action is not allowed. For example, you cannot undo turning a card over – once a card is turned face up, it will stay face up. Players may only undo the previous move. Once clicked, Undo will become inactive until a subsequent card move is made that is undoable.

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